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Ironbreakers / Irondrakes

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In a labyrinth of tunnels the Ironbreakers stand guard. The protectors of all that is sacred, the Ironbreakers battle tirelessly to prevent the desecration of their homes. Clad in gromril and armed with axe and shield, they stand bold. They are impervious, implacable and unmoving.

While in times of need, drakeguns - mighty weapons that belch alchemical fury - are deployed. Such is the power of the drakegun, only a few Ironbreakers are capable of wielding its flesh-scorching punishment. They are known as the Irondrakes.

This kit contains 10 stout plastic Ironbreakers in rune-struck gromril armour. Each can be equipped with a hand weapon and shield. There is the option to build the Ironbreakers command: A Ironbeard with a choice of heads, drakefire pistols and a cinderblast bomb. A musician with drum, and a standard bearer with a sculpted banner in the form of an ancient book.

You can choose to assemble this kit as 10 plastic heavily-armoured Irondrakes with drakeguns. There is the option to build the Irondrakes command: A Ironwarden with a choice of 3 weapon options: a trollhammer torpedo, a brace of drakefire pistols or cinderblast bombs. A musician with rune-wrought horn that is also a drakegun. A standard bearer carrying the unit banner - an elaborate shield flanked with dragons and bearing the Rune of the Furnace - on his back.

This plastic kit contains 85 components and can be used to assemble either Ironbreakers or Irondrakes. The kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Thin Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.


Miniature Type FB:
  • Infantry
Unit Categories:
  • Rare Units
  • Special Units
Игровая система:
  • Warhammer FB
Размер базы:
20x20mm square base
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