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Some Inquisitors enlist Crusaders from the honour guard of the Cardinals Crimson - that most mysterious of all the Ecclesiarchy's many orders. Crusaders are recruited for their unflagging devotion to the Emperor. To be selected is a great honour, though it leads to a gruelling life of asceticism and martial perfection, but also inevitably to an unmourned death in battle. Nonetheless, such a calling guarantees the opportunity to test sword and shield against mankind's greatest enemies.

Equipped with a power sword and a storm shield that bears emblems of the Inquisition, each of these Crusaders is a stalwart warrior. They are protected by flak armour and garbed in hooded, flowing cloaks, each bearing the intricate details of the Ecclesiarchy. The place of the Crusader is in the heat of battle, surrounded by their foes.

This is a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in two components and with a sprue of four 25mm round bases, with which to make two Crusaders.


Некоторые инквизиторы набирают телохранителей - крестоносцев из Багровой Гвардии, самого таинственного из орденов Эклизиархии.
Вооруженные силовыми мечами и щитами, они являться надежной защитой от самых опасных врагов Империума.

Набор содержит две металлические модели Крестоносцев.

Набор нуждается в сборке и покраске. Мы рекомендуем использовать для этого клей и краски фирмы «Citadel».


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