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XV8 Battlesuit Commander

A Commander, or in the language of the Tau, a 'shas'o', is the highest rank a Fire Warrior can obtain. It is a position of great honour. Tau Commanders prefer to lead from the front, pushing their XV8 Crisis Battlesuits to their fullest. The XV8 Battlesuit Commander is sculpted in an energetic, heroic pose. It features similar iconic armour panelling to the Crisis Battlesuit, but has some notable differences. The Battlesuit Commander's hands are unsheathed from his armour, thus displaying his rank. The model also comes with a large, strapped bonding knife, which is attached to the armour on its thigh. It comes with a large amount of options, allowing you to personalise your miniature, including a plasma rifle and a cyclic ion blaster. This finely detailed resin kit contains 22 components with which to make a XV8 Battlesuit Commander.

Force Organisation:
  • HQ
Miniature Type:
  • Character
Игровая система:
Warhammer 40k
Размер базы:
40 mm
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4,930 руб

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