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Star Wars: Legion -Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion

Your battles might take you to planets across the galaxy, but one thing that most games of Star Wars: Legion have in common are your objectives. Objective tokens are commonly placed on the battlefield at the beginning of the game as the players select the objective card that will be used for their game. These objective tokens could represent crates of supplies, communications relays, or key positions on the battlefield, but with the addition of the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion, you can bring your objective tokens to life with twelve new objective miniatures.

Rather than a flat piece of punchboard, the objective miniatures included in the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion spring off of the battlefield, providing a clearly visible and thematic place for you to direct your army. Within this expansion, you’ll find three comms stations, four moisture vaporators, and five supply crates, each giving you the perfect way to mark an objective token on the battlefield, no matter which objective card you’re using. And of course, even if you’re not marking objective tokens, each of the miniatures in this expansion can stand in as terrain, bringing an added layer of Star Wars theme to your games of Star Wars: Legion.

You’ll also find new variety for your conflicts in the three brand-new battle cards included in the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion. Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators puts the new moisture vaporator miniatures to good work—one player is tasked with repairing the four moisture vaporators scattered across the field, while the other player must attempt to sabotage them. A new deployment card, Advanced Positions, puts both armies in opposite corners of the battlefield and allows them to adapt and move, scouting in advance to gain the upper hand. Finally, the Minefield condition card transforms any battleground into a lethal deathtrap, sprinkling mines around the battlefield. Whenever a unit gets too close, they run the risk of setting off a detonation that could shatter even the toughest defenses.

Between twelve new objective miniatures and three new battle cards, the Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion promises to reshape your games of Star Wars: Legion and draw you into the Galactic Civil War like never before.

· Contains twelve unpainted, easily assembled objective miniatures, depicting comms stations, vaporators, and crates
· Three new battle cards give players options for redefining the objectives, deployment zones, and battlefield conditions
· Use new miniatures to mark objectives in the battle or simply as terrain to evoke the Star Wars universe

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