Space Wolves – Legion Praetor

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Praetors are the mightiest warriors and battle-leaders of the Space Marine Legions, second only to the god-like Primarchs in martial skill and generalship. Each is a vastly experienced warrior and warlord who has writ for themselves a legend in blood. The unique culture of the Space Wolves is reflected in their leaders, who march to war in the finest armour, carefully embellished with runes, fetishes, and even animal pelts from their homeworld, armed with weapons drawn from the tribal wars of Fenris.

This multipart resin kit builds one Legion Praetor for the Space Wolves. He's equipped with a massive Fenrisian axe and bolt pistol, and wears armour decorated with fine Fenrisian craftsmanship to reinforce the VI Legion flavour. He further stands out from his brothers with a wolf-pelt cloak and backpack-mounted banner, a potent fighter and a proven leader who's ready to bolster the charge. You'll find both a helmeted head and a bare head sporting a very impressive beard.

This kit comprises 12 resin components and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.

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