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Space Marine Reiver with Grapnel Launcher (Artist Proof)

The Adeptus Astartes, commonly known as Space Marines, are incredibly powerful transhuman soldiers armed with potent weapons of war and power armour that allows them to go toe to toe with the unspeakable horrors of the 41st Millennium. They’re organised into over a thousand Chapters, each with their own heraldry, history, and methods of warfare.

This impressive figure represents a Primaris Space Marine Reiver. Masters of rapid strike attacks, Reivers are terror troops first and foremost. This Reiver is equipped with a grapnel launcher and a combat knife – perfect for quick movement and brutal attacks. With 22 points of articulation, you’ll be able to simulate the Reivers’ agile strikes from the comfort of your desk chair.

This 7” figure is cast and assembled with the exceptional quality you'd expect from McFarlane Toys. It comes in grey plastic to allow you to paint it in the colours of your favourite Space Marines Chapter. This figure also comes complete with a base to stand the model on to keep it steady on your shelves, and it's packaged in a display box with a window to allow you to see your figure should you choose to keep it boxed.

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