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Sons of Horus MKVI Heads

The Sons of Horus are a Legion of independent and merciless warriors, recruited from the violent gangs of Cthonia to win glory as the spearhead of the Great Crusade. The XVI Legion seek and exploit weakness wherever it can be found, striking with the same brutal confidence that once earned them the name of 'Luna Wolves'. The scions of the Warmaster now stand in infamy above all others – their ambitions burning fiercely enough to reduce the entire Imperium to ashes.

This upgrade kit can be used to customise Legionaries from the MKVI Tactical Squad set with new heads, trading out the standard 'beaked' helmets for the traditional Cthonic war-masks common to the Sons of Horus. The kit includes nine helmeted heads in three different designs, each featuring decorative spikes and a muzzled respirator, as well as two heads designed for Sergeants – one bare head, and one helmet with an impressive topknot. Spread these components around your army to add some XVI Legion flavour, or outfit entire squads for an elite, unified look.

This upgrade kit comprises 11 resin components and is designed to be assembled with the MKVI Tactical Squad set, which is sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints.

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