Satyxis Blood Priestess Warcaster Attachment (resin/metal)

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Blood priestesses preserve the ancient traditions of Satyxis blood magic, worshipping the very act of bloodletting itself. Able to harness the arcane force of spilled vitality, these priestesses perform sacred rituals of primal power that predate Toruk's reign. Wetting their sacral blades in the blood of their fresh victims they evoke potent spells and safeguard the lives of those they deem worthy, including such preeminent figures as the Queen of the Broken Coast.

TRADE POINTS: The Satyxis Blood Priestess works her magic by claiming the life force of others. Bringing a strong set of passive rules to the table, the Blood Priestess will let players upkeep one spell per turn without spending focus. She also grants her Warcaster Sucker!, which allows friendly models to protect their master with their lives. Her magical blade gives her access to many different abilities as she uses the blood of her enemies to fuel her magic.

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