Mind-locked Wyrd and Cephalopod Spektors

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Mind-locked Wyrds are unsanctioned psykers who have been broken to the will of the Psi-Syndica, suborned by psychic modifications and cranial implants. These illegal psychic foot soldiers serve their criminal lords without risk of betrayal, and are often sent to aid the Psi-Syndica's allies. The shadowy House Delaque are particularly favoured partners of this psychic cartel, and employ Mind-locked Wyrds alongside their engineered creations – such as the Cephalopod Spektors, cybernetic watchdogs built around fragment-brains cloned from their bonded master.

This multipart resin kit builds one Mind-locked Wyrd and three Cephalopod Spektors. The Mind-locked Wyrd is a specialist Hired Gun, available to any gang allied with the Psi-Syndica – a group with especially close relations to House Delaque – who wields unnatural psychic abilities at her employer's behest. She carries a skull-tipped staff to help channel her innate but untamed power, while her long coat and hair billow in a wild psychic maelstrom.

The Cephalopod Spektors are engineered Exotic Beasts, exclusive to Delaque gangs. These floating cybernetic sentries feature different sinister poses, using their prehensile shock tendrils to creep across the underhive or spring onto the attack. Their bodies are covered with elegant plating and sensor arrays, while an exposed brain hangs from the rear of each mechanical frame.

This highly detailed kit comprises 24 resin components, and comes with 4x Citadel 25mm Necromunda Bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Colour paints.

This pack includes Fighter reference cards for the Mind-locked Wyrd and Cephalopod Spektor, detailing their profiles and abilities. Full rules for using these miniatures in your games can be found in the Necromunda: House of Shadow supplement.

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