Marrowscroll Herald

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Marrowscroll Heralds are senior delegates of their vampiric masters, sent to deliver entreaties – in the form of bloody offerings and infectious delusions – to the leaders of other nations. These diplomatic efforts spread the curse of Ushoran far and wide, leaving in their wake desolation and madness.

This multipart plastic kit builds a Marrowscroll Herald, a ghoulish ambassador of the Flesh-eater Courts. Draped in heavy robes of flayed skin, the Herald clutches a bone relic ensorcelled with abhorrant madness. Those ungrateful souls who refuse such a 'generous' gift are instead cut down by the Herald's gnarled bone scythe, which is strung with grisly souvenirs from their travels across the realms.

This kit contains nine plastic components and a Citadel 32mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

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