Lores of Magic Reference Card Pack

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It is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of strife and war, of Chaos and sorcery. Yet amidst all the fire and fury, it is also a time of mighty heroes, of bold deeds and great courage. It is an age when generals must find a way to master the Winds of Magic, along with the sword and the shield, if they wish to succeed on the battlefield.

Easily keep track of your Wizard's spells in the heat of battle with this handy pack of cards. This set contains 56 reference cards, measuring 110mm x 75mm, for use alongside Wizard units in your games of Warhammer: The Old World.

This set contains:

– 1x Reference Card
– 7x Battle Mage Cards
– 7x Daemonology Cards
– 7x Dark Magic Cards
– 7x Elementalism Cards
– 7x High Magic Cards
– 7x Illusion Cards
– 7x Necromancy Cards
– 7x Waaagh! Magic Cards

You will need a copy of the Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook and either Warhammer: the Old World – Forces of Fantasy or Warhammer: the Old World – Ravening Hordes, all available separately to use the contents of this card pack.

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