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Master Gunship pilot Shas'la T'au Sha'ng, now better known as Longstrike, has quickly become the Fire caste's most heralded tank ace. Since his first training session, he exhibited an almost innate ability to handle a Hammerhead. Due to his unerring aim, Longstrike was chosen to trial the new XV02 pilot battlesuit. Longstrike's unusual battlesuit is styled in the same manner as other Tau battlesuits, albeit in a more compact scale. He is covered head to foot in elegant armour panels. A control panel sits on his forearm and he is posed gesturing into the distance. Longstrike would make an excellent addition to a Hammerhead gunship - and he fits neatly inside the vehicle's hatch, making him a unique addition to your Tau Empire collection. Please note: the Hammerhead Gunship is for illustration purposes and must be bought separately (and you probably should, because it's an exceptionally nice Tau model). This finely detailed resin kit contains 3 components with which to make Longstrike.

Force Organisation:
  • Heavy Support
Miniature Type:
  • Character
Игровая система:
Warhammer 40k
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