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Helios/Hyperion Colossal PLASTIC BOX

PIP 35068
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This is a multi-part plastic kit that can build either the new Helios colossal or a resculpted version of the classic Hyperion colossal.

FEATURES: Boasting one of the most powerful ranged attacks in all of WARMACHINE and HORDES, the Hyperion represents the pinnacle of Iosan firepower. Trading in destructive potential for tactical support, the Helios can use its Tractor Beam to completely mess with an opponent’s battle line while harnessing its focus points to generate a number of powerful support and defensive abilities, such as granting nearby Retribution warjacks free focus or boosting its own defensive capabilities.

TRADE POINTS: Visually impressive and tactically powerful, both the Hyperion and Helios are sure to be popular choices among Retribution players. As a brand-new colossal, the Helios will appeal to players both new and old. Given the popularity of the previous colossals, stores are highly encouraged to have ample stock on hand to meet their local demand. To increase the survivability and hitting power of these colossals, Arcanist Mechaniks (PIP 35019) make great purchases for anyone looking to bring the might of these warjacks to their armies. In addition, warcasters like Issyria, Sybil of Dawn (PIP 35058) and Lord Arcanist Ossyan (PIP 35046) can greatly increase the already ample firepower of these huge warjacks.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 35068 replaces PIP 35050. The replaced PIP will no longer be available as of January 1, 2017.


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