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Golden Crucible Army Box (metal/resin/plastic)

PIP 37001
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An excellent way to start playing the Crucible Guard, the newest WARMACHINE Faction, this box contains a 50-point army built using the Magnum Opus Theme Force. The core of the army is the warcaster Aurum Adeptus Syvestro and his battlegroup of two warjacks. Syvestro is a master of his Faction’s trademark alchemy and uses this mastery to devastate his enemies. In addition to the battlegroup, this box provides a variety of soldiers. The Crucible Guard Assault Troops can weather the ranged attacks of any enemy as they move to within striking range with their Thermal Hammers. Flying above the heads of these slower soldiers are the Crucible Guard Rocketmen. They use their cutting-edge flight gear to speed across any terrain and rain down their gravity bombs where they are needed most. The army is further supported by a plethora of specialized troops. A unit of Combat Alchemist stands shoulder-to-shoulder with their allies on the front lines, using their concoctions to mask the army’s approach or to directly attack the enemy. Scattered across the army are Trancers, individuals overflowing with mental power that can be just as destructive to themselves as to their targets. Finally, from the back lines come rockets fired by the Dragon’s Breath Rocket Weapon Crew. These deadly missiles disperse chemicals softening targets for the rest of the army to finish off. This Box Set presents a great set of models to try out the new Faction and a solid starting point for building an even larger Crucible Guard army.


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