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Dark Angels Intercessor (Artist Proof)

“We are the First. By our blood was the path to the stars cleared for those he sent after us. By our blood were countless foes exterminated. But by the actions of the weak-willed, such a legacy may be cast into ruin forever. It is by our blades that these fallen shall never surface, that the truth of their existence shall never be known.”

This Artist Proof action figure represents a Primaris Intercessor of the Dark Angels Chapter. Moulded in grey plastic, it offers a unique painting challenge – will you go for the classic green, the colours of a special company, or even your favourite successor Chapter? He’s equipped with a bolt rifle, and comes with a sculpted Dark Angels Chapter icon on his chest and left pauldron. No matter how you paint the figure, you’ll find 22 points of articulation allows you to pose him in any number of ways to set the scene.

This 7” figure is cast and assembled with the exceptional quality you'd expect from McFarlane Toys. This figure is moulded in grey plastic, allowing you to customise it with your own paint job. It also comes complete with a base to stand the model on to keep it steady on your shelves. It comes packaged in a display box with a window to allow you to admire your figure should you choose to keep it boxed.

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