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Chaos Space Marine Action Figure

Chaos Space Marines are hate-filled slayers of kings and conquerors of worlds – destroyers, enslavers, and agents of ruin. They are the Imperium's fear made manifest – that the noblest of souls can become a horrifying and twisted foe. Once the strongest and purest defenders of humanity, they now embrace a darker fate.

This incredibly detailed action figure shows the corrupt majesty and power of the Heretic Astartes. Hailing from the Black Legion, the remnants of Warmaster Horus’s own Legion, the black and gold livery will look awesome on your display shelves, especially if you use those 22 points of articulation to pose him challenging your Space Marines to epic duels. Armed with a boltgun and wicked blade, he’s ready to take on anyone who dares challenge the supremacy of Chaos.

This 7” figure is cast and assembled with the exceptional quality you'd expect from McFarlane Toys. The sculpt and paint job highlight the many personalised decorations, his black armour trimmed with leering daemonic faces, spikes, and skulls picked out in gold. This figure also comes complete with a base to stand the model on to keep it steady on your shelves. It comes packaged in a display box with a window to allow you to admire your figure should you choose to keep it boxed.

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