Astra Militarum - Vulture Gunships with Punisher Cannon

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Squadrons of Valkyrie Assault Carriers are often supported by these heavily armed dedicated gunships. The Vulture sacrifices troop-carrying capacity in favor of a massive engine and souped-up power plant, delivering serious firepower via underslung hard points. When armed with a Punisher Cannon, they can unleash devastating fusillades to annihilate targets at medium range.

This finely detailed resin kit allows you to build two vicious Vulture Gunships for your games of Aeronautica Imperialis. Armed with a Heavy Bolter as standard, you can add a variety of extra weapons under the wings to match you preferred style of play. This versatile craft can also hover in place, providing a mobile weapons platform to defend an asset or flood a ground target with hot lead and deadly rockets.

The set includes:
- 2 resin Vulture Gunships supplied in 16 pieces each
- 2 Aeronautica Imperialis bases (each of which designates the model’s front, rear and side arcs, speed and altitude dials, as well as a clear stand to connect the aircraft to the base)

The rules for using these miniatures in games of Aeronautica Imperialis can be found in the Taros Air War Campaign Book.

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