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Argel Tal – The Crimson Lord, Commander of the Serrated Sun

Argel Tal was among the first to gaze into the madness known as the Eye of Terror and, in doing so, was damned, as that roiling mass of warp-stuff gazed back into his soul. A fusion of human soul and daemonic power, Argel Tal is held up as a prime example of his Primarch's intentions for the future of Humanity.

Along with his brothers, the Gal Vorbak, Argel Tal donned the crimson heraldry of betrayal to become a blight upon the imperium. Empowered by his pact with the Daemon Raum, he cut a bloody swathe across the war-torn galaxy, sending untold loyalist souls screaming into the warp.

This eight-piece, multipart resin kit builds one Argel Tal, for use in games of The Horus Heresy. This superbly sculpted miniature is bristling with daemonic details, displaying a fusion of flesh, bone and ceramite. Traces of Tal's human self still remain – such as the icon of the Serrated Sun on his chest. However, there is no mistaking the power of his brutal new form, as he holds a bisected Space Marine in Mk II power armour between his bloody claws.

This kit comes with a 40mm round base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints. Rules to use Argel Tal in your games are available in the Downloads tab.

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