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Ammok the Truthbearer Blighted Ogrun Character Solo (resin/metal)

Speaking in the tongue of a mad seer, the Truthbearer prophesies destruction for the enemies of Everblight. His burden oozes a miasma of blighted energies that corrupts all that it touches. Graven with runes whose true purpose was lost with the fall of the Black Kingdom of Morrdh, this is the Malihedron. Ammok’s madness shields him from its power, and he chants deranged prayers as he marches into battle holding it aloft.

TRADE POINTS: Ammok is a multifaceted support warlock attachment with a slew of situational but powerful utility rules like Exorcist (removing Incorporeal from enemy models), Spiritual Conduit (additional spell range for your warlock), and Unbinding (removing enemy upkeep spells). Works particularly well with Blighted Ogrun Warmongers (PIP 73069) and Chosen of Everblight (PIP 73114).

PIP 73113
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