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Aeronautica Imperialis Remora Drones

DX-6 ‘Remora’ Stealth Drones are another wonder of the T’au Earth Caste’s drone technologies, developed to preserve the lives of T’au Air Caste pilots and operate in environments unsuitable for larger aircraft. A bigger version of the smaller infantry support drones, the Remora incorporates air-to-air and ground-to-air weapons such as burst cannon and seeker missiles, making it equally lethal to both ground targets and enemy aircraft.

Add speed and maneuverability to your T'au Air Cast squadrons with the Remora Drone. Easily dance around enemy aircraft while your Barracudas and Tiger Sharks take up their optimal positions.

This 2-piece, highly detailed resin kit makes two T'au Air Caste Remora Drones. The kit comes supplied with two Aeronautica Imperialis bases. Rules for using the T'au Remora Drone are supplied with the kit.

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