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Creature Caster

Spider Demon stalks the dark places between dreams and nightmares. Beautiful and horrific, her caress can bring exquisite ecstacy, or lethal dismemberment. Her mind is utterly alien, and her motivations unknowable. Granting mercy one day and annihilation the next, she spins plans within...
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The Lord of Slaughter is a terrifying, psychopathic beast, that hunts others for no purpose other than the thrill of killing. He embodies one of the most sinister aspects of war, that of unending blood thirst. Unlike most demonic lords he shuns the concepts of holding power, territory,...
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Bend knee before the Lady of Strife or face annihilation! Considered to be one of the premier warriors of demonic kind, her pride and arrogance is not empty posturing. Rivers of blood have been shed by her blades and each drop imbues her with increased strength and vitality. Completely...
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The Lord of Metamorphis is a trickster mage, a sly manipulator who strikes from the shadows when least expected. Able to reform his body at will, project complex illusions, and cast insidious hex magic, he is a crafty and deadly opponent. Despite his mastery of these subtle arts the Lord of...
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