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Exalted Hero of Chaos (Wulfrik)

Clad in thick iron armour, the Exalted Hero of Chaos is nonetheless a surprisingly agile and deft warrior. Wielding his massive Chaos runeshield, he can assume a defensive stance that the enemies of Chaos will find incredibly difficult to bypass - and once they tire themselves out trying, they’ll find themselves smashed to bits by a powerful ensorcelled sword.

This pack contains one Finecast Exalted Hero of Chaos, and comes supplied with one Citadel 32mm Round base.  Wulfrik the Wanderer travels the four corners of the world and beyond to seek out and challenge the champions of every race and creed; for as punishment for his hubris, Wulfrik is bound to a lifetime of constant duelling and violent death. A broad and bearded miniature, Wulfrik the Wanderer is caked in trophies from his various adventures. Over a layer of armour and chainmail, several skulls are strapped to his torso, and a half-skeleton rises up from over his shoulder. He sports heavy pauldrons, one of which has yet another skull trophy fixed to it. He also carries a thick sword and a giant, spiked shield. Wulfrik would make an excellent addition to any Warhammer collection.

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Warhammer FB
Размер базы:
25mm square base
28 mm
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1,890 руб

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