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PIP 72101
This is the full warlock version of the character solo Una the Falconer featured in Forces of HORDES: Circle Orboros Command. FEATURES: Now a full warlock, Una the Skyhunter has mastered her control over the winged warbeasts of the Circle. Her Hawker ability grants her battlegroup warbeasts...
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PIP 72058
A powerful scion of a family with deep roots in the ancient lines of the Wolves of Orboros, Grayle the Farstrider was trained as a Wolf until he experienced the wilding. As a druid, he has proven his worth and skill as a trusted strike force leader and an unrelenting warrior who simply does not...
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PIP 72059
While the last tenuous thread of his life was held fast by Megalith, Baldur’s spirit was subsumed within the entirety of Orboros, and the fundamental principles of the world were made clear to him. He has returned to serve as a conduit for a torrent of destructive power. In the midst of battle...
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PIP 72002
A bastion of strength and resolve, noted for his steadfast loyalty, other druidic leaders describe Baldur Stonecleaver as the Rock of Orboros. Baldur claims he was born in a bear cave near Boarsgate, but there is a Khadoran flavor to his features and hulking frame. The Stonecleaver is a paragon...
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