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The Inverter represents the first of the Convergence of Cyriss’ vector chassis. Designed specifically for brute force, its heavy spring-loaded macropummeler sends its unfortunate opponents crashing to the ground, making them easy targets for the finishing blows of its meteor hammer. The Cipher supports the assault with a pair of hydraulically powered piston spikes and an integrated servipod mortar that can unleash several different ammunition types in support of its army’s advance. The Monitor, with a wicked ellipsaw flinger that sends powerful blades spinning toward enemies, represents a deadly ranged threat to any who oppose the Maiden of Gears.

PIP 36021
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PIP 36002c
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PIP 36002i
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PIP 36002m
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PIP 36024
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PIP 36014_m
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PIP 36014_c
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PIP 36014_a
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PIP 36013
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PIP 36005
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