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The Dire Avengers are first amongst the Aspect Warriors of the Eldar. They represent the War God's unending thirst for vengeance upon a galaxy of woe, and as such they are merciless to their foes and unstinting in their devotion to their people. The Dire Avengers in this kit are all armed with...
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Those Guardians who pilot Eldar Jetbikes into battle are known as Windriders. So carefully wrought are the incredible machines they ride that a skilled pilot can cross leagues in the space of a few heartbeats. This box is the most cost effective way to build an Eldar Windrider Jetbike...
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The rangers of the Eldar are unparalleled scouts and expert marksmen. Known simply as 'Outcasts', the Rangers are the eyes and ears of the craftworlds, keeping a close eye on potential foes and reporting any sources of danger to the Farseers. In battle, the Rangers will scout ahead of the main...
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