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Командные подразделения ведут бойцов за собой, даруя им уверенность в победе.

The Tervigon is a massive, living incubator, beneath whose lumpen carapace dozens upon dozens of Termagants slumber in a state of near-life – and it can spawn its dormant broods at will. The Tervigon displays all the horrific might so typical of the Tyranids, and is a suitably...
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Hive Tyrants are the commanders of the Tyranid Swarm and the enactors of the Hive Mind's will. All Hive Tyrants are massively powerful creatures, hulking monsters three times the height of a man. Though individuals will often appear different, every part of their body is created to maim and...
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Минимальное количество для товара "Hive Tyrant/The Swarmlord" 1.

When Tyranids invade, the Broodlord leads his followers into battle, often appearing from sewers or hidden vents to cause untold carnage amongst the enemy army. Incredibly dangerous as with all Tyranids, the Broodlord towers over many, presenting a bulky silhouette of muscle and claws. There is...
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