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Командные подразделения ведут бойцов за собой, даруя им уверенность в победе.

O’Shaserra, Commander Shadowsun, is a superlative warrior and a masterful tactician. She leaps around the battlefield in her XV22 battlesuit, using its advanced targeting systems and sophisticated cloaking technology to identify her prey and stalk them unseen. With her wide array of deadly...
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Swift and deadly, Tau Commanders pilot battlesuits of intimidating size and power. Of course, simply piloting a huge battlesuit doesn’t automatically make a troop into a Commander - more than anything, it’s the strategic nous and ability to adapt to unpredictable situations that stands this...
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Darting through even the most hostile environments with ease, Tau Drones are guided by a networked AI of impressive capabilities. Data flows back and forth constantly between them, advising and distributing information on threats, optimal paths and targets instantaneously, creating a blanket of...
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There is no figure in Tau history as divisive as Commander O'Shovah. The most famous warrior of Vior'la, Farsight's greatest victories were against the Orks on the oxide-desserts of Arkunahsa. It was his tactical brilliance that earned O'Shovah his famous title 'Farsight'. This exceptionally...
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The Ethereal caste are the spiritual leaders of the Tau Empire and command unquestioning loyalty from all the other Tau castes. While they do not command the military strength of the Tau Empire, they do inspire their Fire Warriors to great feats of valour in the face of the enemy. Should the...
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It is said that Aun'Va is the oldest and the wisest of his caste. He has counselled the greatest leaders of the Tau for longer than any can recall, and his hand can be seen at work behind much of the Tau history. He is the most senior Ethereal upon T'au, sitting upon the councils that...
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Скромный герой многих сражений, Аун’ши стремится к миру, но долг перед товарищами связывает его с войной. Каста Пламени раздула шумиху вокруг его свойств, превратив его в счастливый талисман для соратников. В отличие от большинства Небожителей, Аун’ши свободно чувствует себя среди Воинов...
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