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Light reconnaissance units, Pathfinder Teams are the eyes and ears of their Commander in a way no drone can yet emulate. A Pathfinder’s foremost role is not to engage the enemy, but instead to operate ahead of their comrades, close to their foe, to accurately scout the enemy. There are 10...
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The Piranha is a lightly armoured vehicle used by the Tau in a range of capacities, including rapid response, support of pathfinder teams and even as battlefield transport for high-ranking dignitaries. By Upgrading the vehicle to carry a fusion blaster or a pair of seeker missiles it becomes an...
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The Razorshark Strike Fighter is a sleek atmospheric aircraft that is capable of sweeping down from the skies and blasting ground targets with its potent payload. Built along a design pattern modified from this aircraft, the Razorshark Strike Fighter forgoes an Interceptor Drone in favour of...
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The Vespid provide auxiliaries to Tau armies, who value them for their skill at negotiating dangerous ground at speed. They make ideal mobile reserve or flanking troops, though the Tau rely on the communion helm issued to the Strain Leaders to communicate with the Stingwings and coordinate their...
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