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Dedicated Transports

Прикомандированный транспорт поможет вашим бойцам добраться до точки сражения.

While embarked upon a Command Barge, a Necron Overlord is able to oversee the battle, ensuring that his troops are engaged with appropriate targets and that everything is going to plan. The Command Barge is a striking and imposing model. Adorned with Necron iconography and dynastic glyphs, it...
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The Doomsday Ark is a technological wonder, easily eclipsing the primitive energy weapons of the Imperium. Even fired at low power the doomsday cannon is ferociously destructive. The Doomsday Ark is a large model with an imposing presence in any Necron collection. It features several immense...
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The Night Scythe is a troop transporter and the Necrons' favoured tool of invasion. With its twin-linked tesla destructor, the Night Scythe is still a formidable fighter craft in its own right. The crescent-shaped Necron Night Scythe is an impressive addition to a collection. Its many elegant...
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