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Тяжелая поддержка способна изменить ход боя, но крайне уязвима при атаке.

War Walkers are used in rough terrain, to scout out enemy positions. Its two heavy weapons provide a considerable arsenal for its size, but it lacks the armour to fight at the centre of an attack. This multi-part plastic kit contains an Eldar War Walker and includes pieces to make a variety...
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The Eldar use powerful support weapons to provide their warriors with long-range firepower. Capable of mounting any of three distinctive and deadly guns, Eldar Support Weapons can be suited to a number of battlefield roles, including anti-personnel and anti-tank duties, as the needs of the...
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The Dark Reapers represent the War God in his role as the Destroyer. They are perhaps the most sinister and lethal of all Aspect Warriors and their armour is adorned with symbols of death and destruction. They carry with them the formidable reaper launcher, a sacred weapon that creates a...
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Towering over its foes, the Wraith lord is controlled by the essence of one of the craftworld's mightiest warriors. Able to be equipped with a wide variety of Heavy Weapons, Assault Weapons and even a close combat weapon the Wraithlord is an extremely versatile component in the Eldar battleplan....
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With its potent armament and ability to carry a small squad of fighters, the Falcon is designed to take the fight to the enemy, or to extricate the warriors should resistance prove too fierce. This boxed set cointanis 1 multi-part plastic Eldar Falcon and includes options for a bright...
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The arcane technologies of the Eldar race make the Fire Prism one of the most daunting battle tanks in the 41st Millennium. Armed with a formidable prism cannon that can blast smoking holes into enemy vehicles or vaporise infantry, the Fire Prism is a versatile and deadly addition to any Eldar...
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