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Тяжелая поддержка способна изменить ход боя, но крайне уязвима при атаке.

The Talos Pain Engines are seen as the pinnacle of the Haemonculi's art. Creations of mad genius, each one is part organic and part mechanical, festooned with surgical apparatus and horrible-looking weapons of war. The bladed forelimbs of a Talos can scissor even an Ogryn into bloody chunks,...
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The Voidraven Bomber is designed to provide heavy support to Dark Eldar forces. This sleek, terrifying attack craft is capable of supersonic speeds while delivering a devastating void mine - a bomb that detonates two warheads, one establishes a crackling sphere of energy, the second releases a...
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The Ravager gunship is arrow-swift. Armed with three devastatingly powerful heavy weapons, it provides the Dark Eldar with armoured fire support, engaging the heaviest of enemy targets. Ravager gunships are so fast and manoeuvrable that they can ambush an enemy tank and destroy it in a single...
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