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Элитные бойцы - это то чем гордится любая армия и ее командир.

The Incubi are an order of Drukhari that hone themselves for war and war alone. Warriors of the highest calibre, they dedicate themselves to the perfection of the killing strike. Despite the Incubi’s monk-like asceticism, no shred of virtue exists in their bloodstained souls, for though they...
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As attendants and servants to the Haemonculi, each Wrack is an abhorrent example of his master's surgical craftsmanship, an individual cut apart and refashioned into a walking instrument of torture. Upon the field of battle they will defend their creator with their lives, utilizing all manner of...
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Towering and monstrous, Grotesques are insane creations that are employed when their Haemonculi masters have need to commit extreme physical violence. These massive meat-hulks shamble forlornly after their macabre keepers, but when given the command to kill, they transform into engines of...
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