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Sisters of Silence

Assassin, general, avenger and soul-chilling terror, Jenetia Krole was a creature of dark legend long before she was committed as part of the honour guard tasked with the retrieval of the Primarch Magnus. Upon the battlefield of Tizca, Krole was personally responsible for the division of her...
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Prosecutor Cadres are among those Sisters most commonly seen by the general populace of the Imperium, forming the foot soldiers and guards of the paramilitary organisation of the League of the Black Ships, and as strike infantry well suited to combat missions outside of their silent...
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Built to approach its targets silently and with utmost stealth, the Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is deliberately made to be a thing of mystery and terror when its presence is unveiled. Used primarily in a paramilitary role by the Sisters of Silence, it can suppress civilian resistance with...
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