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Federated States of America

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The FSA has come a long way since its founders and their ramshackle but fiercely resolute armies forced the British Empire to relinquish its rule over their small collection of colonies on the eastern coast of North America. In its brief life, the country now known as the Federated States of America has witnessed all manner of events that normally take other countries centuries to experience. From a union of colonies it has become an empire; it has been invaded and has waged wars of conquest. It has seen political and moral arguments by the score. Most recently, it has been near-torn apart by a terrible civil war, but rose phoenix-like, to take its place at the table of the world’s great powers. Relatively isolated from the troubles of the wider world by great oceans and continental wilderness, the FSA is only now beginning to play an active role in international affairs. But such is its size, population and sheer vigorous energy that it’s awakening will shake the established pillars of the world. For, as President Adams said when he addressed Congress after the second New Federalist election victory in 1868, there is one simple truth that the other powers will quickly learn – “the FSA is here to stay”.

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