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Corpse Cart / Corpse Cart with Balefire Brazier / Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone Between the trudging crowds of Zombies and the packs of Dire Wolves can be seen the disgusting Corpse Carts. Driven by macabre, shrouded figures, these wagons are made of rotted wood, rusted metal...
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Cairn Wraiths are amongst the most powerful of the Undead. Though they lack physical form, their touch drains the life of a mortal. Their very presence fills the air with dread, and most who face them are driven mad with fear long before they are killed. Filled with rage, these vengeful spirits...
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A dread figure casts its shadow across the battlefield, a skeletal giant clad in osseous armour and wielding a skull-tipped staff that casts a sickening glow across the earth. A nimbus of shrieking spirits swirls around this nightmarish form. The avatar of undeath gestures with a fleshless hand,...
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These are no ordinary bats, but bloodthirsty scavengers that descend in great swarms to attack their enemies, throwing them into disarray and panic. Though each bat presents little threat to an armoured warrior, when numbered in their hundreds they can tear the skin from a man and strip flesh...
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