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Blazing with the glorious light of celestial energies, the banners of the Stormcast Eternals are carried proudly into battle by the Knights-Vexillor. A grand declaration of war in the highest regard, these banners proclaim the hatred of Chaos and the intent of Sigmar to reclaim the realms. A Knight-Vexillor can call upon the power of his standard to send forth blasts of hurricane-like tempests, or call down the very stars themselves to smite foes with blazing heat.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything necessary to make one Knight-Vexillor, the standard-bearer of the Stormcast Eternals. A single-pose miniature armed with a warhammer, and carrying either a meteoric standard or a pennant of the stormbringer, he features incredibly intricately-detailed armour. Twelve components are included in total, with one Citadel 40mm Round base and a transfer sheet.

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