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Khador Command hardcover RULEBOOK

PIP 1083
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Privateer Press Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador Command hardcover RULEBOOK

FEATURES: Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador Command provides the foundation every Khador player needs. It features a complete listing of all current warcasters and warjacks released to date, in addition to two new warcasters, a new Greylord Man-O-War solo, and a selection of core units and solos from the Faction.

TRADE POINTS: Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador Command is an essential book for all Khador players, whether veterans or new ones. Command books are offered in two formats, and the hardcover version is highly sought after by serious collectors. Be sure to order enough copies to meet the demand of your current community and provide additional stock for new acquisitions, since Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador Command is a great companion product for players purchasing a Khador Battlegroup Box (PIP 33118).

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