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Kaya the Wildheart Warlock (resin/metal)

This is the newest incarnation of one of the original Circle Orboros warlocks, Kaya.

FEATURES: Kaya the Wildheart brings the power of the predator to Circle Orboros. She is the second warlock in Circle Orboros to have the spell Synergy, and the only one who can field any type of warbeast in her battlegroup. A master of hit-and-run tactics, Kaya the Wildheart also boasts Field Marshal: Reposition [3?] and a feat that enhances her army’s defense and allows them to move through enemy models and ignore free strikes.

TRADE POINTS: Kaya the Wildheart pairs exceptionally well with Circle’s heavy-hitting melee warbeasts like Ghetorix (PIP 72096), Feral Warpwolves and Warpwolf Stalkers (PIP 72057), and the Satyrs (PIP 72077). Due to her reliance on large battlegroups, Shifting Stones (PIP 72016) and the Druid Wilder (72049) are also great pairings.

PIP 72102
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