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Infinity: Human Sphere N3 with FREE PROMO Druze Hacker

3,700 руб В наличии
Рекомендованная цена: 4,999 руб


Pre-order period from March 28th to April 27th. 

  • All Human Sphere N3 books pre-ordered during the reserve period will include the exclusive "Druze Hacker" miniature that will not be available for retail sale.
  • The exclusive model is a promotional item, and does not increase the price of the book.

***This offer is valid only for pre-orders placed from March 28th to April 27th, both dates inclusive.***

Human Sphere N3 Book info:

  • Full color books.
  • Number of pages: Background: 303 pages; Rules: 155 pages
  • Binding: Soft cover with flaps. Both books are content in a case.

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