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Empire Warrior Priest with Great Weapon

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Clad in ceremonial vestments and armour adorned with religious icons, Warrior Priests smite creatures of darkness with righteous fury. The Cult of Sigmar demands that its followers fight all forms of evil with martial feats as well as with faith, so many of its priests accompany the Empire's armies as they march to war. A Warrior Priest can summon their faith to lend steel to their blows in combat, destroy creatures of darkness or shield themselves from harm. Woe betides the foe facing an army filled with such divine power.

If evil is overwhelming you and your foes are suddenly confident of victory, then your Warrior Priest will have a nasty surprise in store for them. Drawing upon his loyal faith in Sigmar, he will help increase his unit's resilience against enemy onslaught. What's more, his prayers will inspire his unit's ability to hurt your enemy. And if that doesn't work, he's also got a massive hammer to hit them with.

This pack contains one Empire Warrior Priest with Great Weapon - a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in two components and is supplied with a 20mm square base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly - we recommend using Citadel Super Glue and Citadel Paints.


Miniature Type FB:
  • Character
Unit Categories:
  • Lord & Heroes
Игровая система:
  • Warhammer FB
Размер базы:
20x20mm square base
28 mm
Доступен по предзаказу с предоплатой

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