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Champions of Fenris - A Codex: Space Wolves supplement (English)

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The Great Company of Logan Grimnar is comprised of the greatest heroes in the Space Wolves Chapter. Their sagas are replete with glorious deeds, they are the sworn battle-brothers of the Great Wolf himself and true Sons of Russ.

This 80 page tome holds the glorious history of Logan Grimnar, his legendary deeds and rise to command of one of the Imperium’s most powerful Space Marine Chapters. Furthermore, in these pages you will hear of his Wolf Guard – the heroes who have fought by the Great Wolf’s side and the many battles they have won in his name.

If that’s not enough, this volume is packed with pictures of fantastically painted Space Wolves miniatures and datasheets. There are also new Warlord Traits and missions that allow you to recreate some of the most important battles of the Champions of Fenris and to employ Logan Grimnar’s favoured tactics.


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