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FreeBooTer Miniatures

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GOB 002
Painted by Franz Sande r He had been surprised by scouts from a rivalling tribe when he was out hunting. Fortunately, he’d managed to grab a giant mushroom and use it as a shield. The miniature is a kit consisting of 8 parts which can be assembled in a variety of positions. The miniature is...
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Минимальное количество для товара "Goblin Champion (Metal)" 1.

GOB 005
Painted by Sascha Bernhardt Pegarata is never happier than when he can chop some small furry rodent in half with his beloved axe. Since rats form part of the goblins’ staple diet and are seen as unwelcome competitors for food, Pegarata’s single-minded obsession with rodent extermination...
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STE 006
Painted by Sascha Bernhardt It’s hard to say whether the hat conceals a pair of horns or a halo. Same as you can’t say whether those wings of hers are angelic or daemonic in origin. One thing is for certain: if she asks you to dance, you dance. Unless you’re tired of life, of course… The...
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STE 007
Painted by Jennifer Haley Can you hear the musical box? They dance to its music, even if you can’t hear it. Their tiny cogs turn to a magical beat and the clicking of their little limbs hints at the rhythm of a mysterious world. The miniatures are a kit consisting of 6 parts each and have an...
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GOB 001
Painted by Franz Sander Every young goblin shaman had to go out into the wilds and kill a giant bug with just their bare hands. The standing of the shaman would be determined by the size of the mandibles they brought back to the village. The miniature is a kit consisting of 8 parts which can...
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