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Age of Sigmar: Thunder and Blood

4,780 руб В наличии


Thunder and Blood contains miniatures, rules, scenery and painting information in one box and makes the perfect starter set to begin playing Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The box contains 44 Easy to Build miniatures from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar boxed game (80-01) supplied in red and gold plastic, a reversible tray used as scenery and carton play mat. It also includes a painting guide, the core rules, 4 battle plans, 8 war scrolls, as well as dice a range rule paper gaming mat and a scenery piece allowing you to get started straight away.

In addition to the starter set, we are also releasing some extensions with other miniatures from the main Age of Sigmar boxed set

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9,560 руб В наличии
9,560 руб В наличии
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4,780 руб В наличии
4,780 руб В наличии


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